By: JON CAMPBELL | VILLAGE VOICE April 28, 17. 12:50

Mayor Bill de Blasio vigorously defended Department of Correction Commissioner Joseph Ponte today after a report from the city's Department of Investigation found that he and his staff were in the habit of taking trips to the Hamptons, Coastal Maine, and Mohegan Sun casino with city vehicles, a glaring violation of the rules.

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By: THE CHIEF LEADER April 18, 17. 10:16

The Correction Officers Benevolent Association last week mailed 50,000 palm cards to registered vo­ters in an effort to get them to raise questions about Mayor de Blasio’s proposal to cut the number of jail inmates in New York City to 5,000 and then close Rikers Island.

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By: Richard Steier | THE CHIEF LEADER April 18, 17. 10:10

At its core, the difference between the members of the commission that early this month made the case for closing Rikers Island as a prison facility and the unions representing those who work there is the conviction that the city jail system can improve only in new, less-isolated surroundings vs. the concern that it will certainly get worse if the upgrades don’t begin now and at the present location.

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By: Paul Massey April 12, 17. 20:31

"We will need a few more facilities.”
- Bill de Blasio as quoted in The New York Times Editorial, “Closing Rikers Without a Road Map”
 April 3, 2017

Bill de Blasio is playing politics with New Yorkers’ safety.

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Before making his promise to replace Rikers Island with jails elsewhere in the city, Mayor Bill de Blasio was adamant about one thing: He would commit to the goal, but say nothing about precisely where any new jail should go.

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