“The safety of the people shall

be the highest law.”

Benny Boscio


Benny Boscio


Benny Boscio joined the New York City Department of Correction as a Correction Officer in 1999. He has worked in various Commands that include AMKC, AIU, VCBC and BXDC.

He was appointed as a COBA Delegate in 2005 representing BXDC and was elected to the position in 2008. Because of his hard work, labor-management knowledge, and dedication to representing his members, he was appointed to the COBA Executive Board in 2010 and then elected in 2012 where he currently holds the position as the Sergeant at Arms.

During his tenure as an Executive Board Member, he has mentored and taught many Delegates about handling Labor Relations issues. He has been in charge of overseeing the Delegates and Officers at numerous commands at different times which include BXDC, VCBC, CA/FTU, QDC, TD. He currently oversees OBCC, NIC, WF and is also in charge of Grievances.

Benny has also assisted numerous Correction Officers at the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH) with a high level of success. During his tenure on the COBA Executive Board, he has filed numerous Grievances and PESH (Public Employee Safety and Health) complaints against the Department. Many of these complaints resulted in favorable decisions which significantly improved the health and safety of the members.

Benny was an integral part of COBA’s victory concerning unsafe Gas Masks within the Department. The Department of Correction was in violation of OSHA Standards regarding the respiratory protection of Correction Officers. The masks were completely ineffective and there were no replacement parts or filters available to officers. Due to Benny’s continued efforts, the Department was issued numerous violations and was mandated to purchase new gas masks for all employees and to implement a Respiratory Protection Program.

Benny was also a driving force behind the Arbitration victory concerning the heat level at The Bronx Hall of Justice. The newly constructed Court Building had serious flaws concerning inadequate heat. Correction Officers were working under extremely cold and brutal conditions. The Department of Correction was forced to install a heating system and to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all staff members. He firmly believes that "Knowledge is Power" and staying informed and passing down whatever knowledge he has along to others to help them with their careers.

This is evident with the articles he writes in the COBA Newsletters. Benny believes that the smarter we are as a membership, the more powerful we will be as an organization.

His passion for helping others has enabled him to serve as a powerful voice for those who may be too afraid to speak for themselves.