The New York City Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association is the largest municipal jail union in the nation and the second largest law enforcement union in New York City.  Committed to bettering the lives of every brother & sister correction officer in this city, the COBA has become one of the most progressive, impactful and productive unions in the nation.

From developing very beneficial funds for their members, to creating media outlets focusing on the importance of “real reform” and safety for both their officers & inmates alike.  The COBA represents approximately 18,000 active & retired members citywide who provide care, custody and control for inmates and detainees as well as city workers working inside the jail facilities.  The brother & sister officers of the COBA represent 16 jail facilities in the city of New York, most of the facilities located on Rikers Island.

After 1995, the COBA executive board has taken this union to new levels in many different ways.  The newly appointed President of the COBA union, Elias Husamudeen has been a driving force within the Department of Corrections for over 30 years.  COBA is now better than ever and will continue to be a force to be reckoned within this nation.  Mr. Husamudeen has worked alongside the previous president Norman Seabrook and members of the executive board for over 20 years and has no intention of slowing down the promotion and notoriety of this great union he has helped build.

COBA has created funds & events promoting the support of the families of deceased Correction Officers like the Widows’ & Children’s, as well as providing college Scholarship Funds for the children of their members and much more. With providing annual events for members within the entire DOC community to meet and greet also allowing their families and children to enjoy themselves at specified theme parks COBA has set themselves apart from the rest.

In short, the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association union is all about the benefits, protection and safety of its members, as well as the care, custody & control of the inmates and detainees within the New York City jail facilities.


The Correction Officers' Benevolent Association, Inc., represents New York's boldest, the 9000 men and women who patrol the toughest precincts in New York... the City jails.

COBA is dedicated to improving the salary and benefits of its members, while ensuring the safest working conditions possible.

The most important mission of the COBA is to protect the ones who risk their lives everyday and to provide them with the support they not only need, but deserve. Earning respect by patrolling the toughest precincts and jail facilities in the city of New York, we bravely consider ourselves the Boldest in the law enforcement community.  Our number one concern is in the safety and protection of the members of the New York City corrections department.  This reflects in the support and benefits the COBA provides for their brother and sister officers.

The Correction Officers' Benevolent Association supports a foundation for the families of their members to have a better start in life. From providing medical and life benefits for the members families to promoting the health and concern for the safety of our members.

Our mission is to empower and enhance the lives of our brother and sister officers who proudly represent the boldest here in New York City.


Here at the COBA, we value the professionalism, commitment, passion, honesty, courage, safety and service of our brother & sister officers patrolling the toughest precincts in New York City, with honor and pride.

Combining our understanding of care, custody & control along with the compassion for the enhancement of those who seek a better life has helped us in becoming the “Boldest” and at the same time most compassionate in the field of law enforcement.


The same way the city of New York depends on Correction Officers in keeping our streets safe Correction Officers can depend on COBA at all times regarding any issues concerning their job and safety.


Correction Officers can count on Board members at all times. They can feel comfortable knowing that there is someone that can listen and be there when they are needed.


We are committed to serving our membership and their families.  We want to better their quality of life by providing job security, increased benefits and salary increases.


We operate an organization with a high level of integrity as well as designed to keep our members informed with transparent communication to serve them better.


At COBA we pride our selves with improvement. Every year we challenge ourselves on improving every aspect of our operation. We are looking for other areas of benefits for our members and their families.


At COBA we are passionate about our jobs.  We respect our members, enjoy serving them, and feel that keeping our city safe is our highest calling.

EFFICIENTAchieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort and expense.