Obama Is Coming 2008 - February
  • 2007 Scholarship Winners
  • Probationary Officer Gets Job Back
  • COBA Salutes Correction Officers
Widow's and Children's Dinner Dance 2007 - September
  • COBA Gives $258,000 to Correction Officers’ and Their Families.
  • COBA Endorses Obama for President
  • Buying Your First Home
  • Court Rejects DOC’s Attemptto Ignore Civil Service Commission Order to Reinstate CO
315 Correction Officers Completely Restored 2007 - August
  • Members Ask to COBA
  • COBA Online 
  • Georgia Basketball Tournament
  • Mayor Signs Legislation to Alter “the Wheel”
President's Message: Who Are You? Part II 2007 - June
  • COBA Opposes Several Proposed Changes
  • Mayor Bloomberg Signs Legislation Providing
  • OATH Judge Dismisses Disciplinary Charges 
President's Message Who Are You? 2007 - January
  • 1st Annual Fellowship Breakfast to Focus on Building Bridges Within Local Communities
  • Correction Officer’s Daughter Traded Figure Skating for Ice Hockey and Helped Her Team Bring
  • COBA Delegate Training Seminar
Happy Holidays to All Correction Officers and Their Families 2006 - October
  • COBA providing Stability in the Lives CO's 
  • Senate Republicans and Democrats Hail Seabrook’s Appointment as the “People’s Representative”
  • COBA Salutes Correction Officers Serving in the Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan


90 Year-Old Retired Correction Officer Returns to Rikers 2006 - July
  • 9-11 Rescue and Recovery Efforts at Ground Zero
  • Can Martial Arts Improve Your Health?  
  • COBA’s 10th Annual Golf Classic
COBA On Wheels 2006 - April
  • Governor Pataki Signs Legislation Benefiting CO's
  • COBA President Norman Seabrook urges judge to issue the maximum penalty
  • Correction Officer’s daughter win 1st place at the Apollo Theater’s amateur contest
  • COBA Delegate and Labor Relations Training Seminar