Charges dropped against CO accused of beating teen. COBA's Lawyers, K&I, Successfully Get Charges Dropped Against NYC CO


A judge on Tuesday threw out criminal charges against two Rikers Island correction officers accused of beating a teen inmate, whose own mother doubted his story.

Bronx Supreme Court Justice Steven Barrett dismissed charges of assault and falsifying records against Capt. Medzid Kolenovic and Officer Jean Destine after the Bronx district attorney’s office said it could not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

The decision to drop charges comes a month after prosecutors disclosed that inmate Ambiorix Celedonio’s own mother had said the jailbird boasted to her that he planned to lure officers into a brawl — and then sue the city.

“All I need to do is get bruised up or have a fight with one of the correction officers. We can get a lot of money, ma!” Celedonio, who is cognitively delayed, allegedly told his mother months before the 2014 incident.

The mom, Adriana Gutierrez, told investigators in a letter that Celedonio had admitted to starting the tussle.

“We went into a back room. I was fighting the black officer,” Celedonio said, according to his mom. “I punched him, and I had the upper hand in the fight until the other correction officer used pepper spray on me.”

The two veteran officers had been charged with beating the inmate, then 18, in a jail cafeteria supply closet. They then allegedly lied on their official “use of force” reports about the incident.

Both had faced up to four years in prison if convicted, and were placed on modified duty after their arrests.

Celedonio filed a $4 million federal lawsuit against the city and the officers in March, records show. The case is still pending.