Keep Convicts out of our Neighborhoods

Paul Massey

"We will need a few more facilities.”
- Bill de Blasio as quoted in The New York Times Editorial, “Closing Rikers Without a Road Map”
 April 3, 2017

Bill de Blasio is playing politics with New Yorkers’ safety.

Last month, in a nod to his national ambitions, Mayor Bill de Blasio promised to close Rikers Island. But he refuses to tell New Yorkers what he will do with the thousands of inmates currently housed there once Rikers is closed. The Lippman Commission and the City Council Speaker have been clear that they support building new jails in the five boroughs, and de Blasio himself said, “we will need a few more facilities.”

But he refuses to discuss where those facilities would go. It sounds like he wants the national political “win” of closing Rikers, but doesn’t want New Yorkers to know that unless he comes up with a different solution, closing Rikers his way likely means the inmates will end up in newly built jails in New York neighborhoods.

Where will the inmates go, Mr. de Blasio?

Sign your name now to oppose de Blasio’s decision to close Rikers Island without a plan for where the inmates will go.

As Mayor, I will build a new state-of-the-art facility -- in phases -- so that inmates remain on Rikers Island throughout the process. The immediate focus should be on safety, ensuring law enforcement receives the resources it needs and all human rights are honored.

State Sen. Marty Golden of Brooklyn, a former member of the NYPD, said that it’s “startling to see a conceptual agreement on such a major issue, without an actual plan to maintain public safety in the City of New York.”

Help me fight back by adding your name to oppose de Blasio’s decision to close Rikers Island without a plan for where to put the inmates.

Let’s keep the pressure on to make sure Bill de Blasio doesn’t decide to build a jail in your neighborhood.

Thank you,
Paul Massey