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COBA President Benny Boscio on Inside City Hall 4.27 Blasting Proposed Federal Takeover of Rikers
By: Inside City Hall April 28, 22. 0:00

COBA President Benny Boscio Jr. appeared on Inside City Hall to call out the issues with the proposed federal takeover of Rikers. Boscio said that the outcome of staffing shortages and failed administration policies has been “eight years of neglect” by the previous Mayor. Additionally, Boscio said Rikers Island Commissioner Louis Molina should be given an opportunity to “fix the problem,” citing that the three prior commissioners had no prior “jail experience.”

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Two female correction officers are detailing their harrowing experiences of attempted rape and sexual assault at the hands of Rikers Island inmates in a push to reinstate solitary confinement

By: Tina Moore | NY POST February 3, 22. 0:00

By: AM 970 The Answer February 2, 22. 0:00

City female correction officers are hopeful that recently introduced state legislation will provide a measure of deterrence and reduce incidents of sexual harassment and other crimes by inmates.

By: RICHARD KHAVKINE | The Chief Leader February 1, 22. 0:00

Afew weeks before Eric Adams took office as mayor of New York, two of his advisers, Philip Banks and Timothy Pearson, who both, like Adams, once served in the N.Y.P.D., sat down for a meal at a Queens diner with the commissioner of the Depart

By: Eric Lach January 23, 22. 0:00