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COBA president talks DOC's management of COVID-19 in jails
By: Dan Mannarino , Veronica Rosario September 22, 20. 13:39


NEW YORK — The Department of Correction was in the hot seat Monday during a City Council hearing over how the COVID-19 response was handled in jails.

During the hearing, the department patted itself on the back for its pandemic management, but the head of the union representing New York City's correction officers accused the DOC of doing too little, too late.

Correction Officers' Benevolent Association President Benny Boscio Jr. spoke with the PIX11 Morning News just a day after testifying at the hearing.

Boscio said 576 inmates and 1,430 correction officers tested positive for COVID-19. That's nearly three times the number of officers than inmates.

He said eight of his officers lost their lives to the virus.

DOC Commissioner Cynthia Brann testified Monday that her agency acted quickly to sanitize jails and provide PPE for officers and inmates

However, the COBA president claimed he had to sue the DOC in order to get that PPE.

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Days after the jail commissioner touted increased safety behind bars, a city correction officer was slashed in the arm by an inmate after the morning meal service Sunday.

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COBA President is calling for Commissioner Ponte to be FIRED IMMEDIATELY!!!

By: Elias Husamudeen August 7, 16. 12:42

When six hundred and nine (609) Correction Officers are assaulted in a six (6) month period as the Department of Correction reported to the New York Times...

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