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COBA President Benny Boscio on Inside City Hall 4.27 Blasting Proposed Federal Takeover of Rikers
By: Inside City Hall April 28, 22. 0:00

COBA President Benny Boscio Jr. appeared on Inside City Hall to call out the issues with the proposed federal takeover of Rikers. Boscio said that the outcome of staffing shortages and failed administration policies has been “eight years of neglect” by the previous Mayor. Additionally, Boscio said Rikers Island Commissioner Louis Molina should be given an opportunity to “fix the problem,” citing that the three prior commissioners had no prior “jail experience.”

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A “pervasive high level of disorder and chaos” is plaguing city jails, according to a Federal watchdog. 

By: RICHARD KHAVKINE | The Chief Leader September 1, 21. 11:49

Conditions for correction officers guarding inmates on New York City’s notorious Rikers Island have deteriorated so significantly over the past year –

By: Stephanie Pagones , Andrew Murray | Fox News August 28, 21. 11:45

Mayor de Blasio on Wednesday acknowledged the developing crisis on Rikers Island, but that’s about it.

By: MICHAEL GARTLAND and GRAHAM RAYMAN | NY Daily News August 25, 21. 11:38

A detainee was stabbed. A correction officer was slashed. And another person imprisoned on Rikers Island had scalding water thrown on him, causing second-degree burns all over his body.

By: Jonah E. Bromwich and Jan Ransom | NY Times August 24, 21. 16:04