New York City Jail Facilities

North Infirmary Command/West Facility


Consists of two infirmary buildings, one of them the original Rikers Island Hospital built in 1932. The facility has 153 beds for housing infirmary care inmates and 263 beds - in specialized units - for inmates who require extreme protective custody because of their notoriety or the nature of their cases, and for inmates with HIV and AIDS-related conditions.


16-00 Hazen Street  
East Elmhurst, NY 11370

t. 718.546.6420
Executive Board Member(s): 

Charles Wingate

Manhattan Borough Trustee

Matthew Romano

Bronx Borough Trustee

Edward McCauley

COBA Delegate

Terrence Bogle

COBA Delegate

Rommel Parris

COBA Delegate

Tricia Bazzey

COBA Delegate