Rapid Response Delegates


The COBA has Rapid Response Delegates that respond to COBA members after normal business hours. They can be reached by calling the COBA at 212-274-8000

Melinda Martinez

Bronx Courts (BXCTS)

T. 718.410.5365

Stephanie Taibi

George R. Vierno Center (GRVC)

T. 718.546.2020

Edward McCauley

North Infirmary Command (NIC)

T. 718.546.1120

Derrick Lascko

Transportation Division (TD)

T. 718.546.1360

Angel Resto

Security Operations Division (SOD)

T. 718.546.1525

Toussaint Boyd

Emergency Service Unit (ESU)

T. 718.546.4413

Patrice Nathan

Otis Bantum Correctional Center (OBCC)

T. 718.546.6420

Amado Rico Jr.

Correction Intelligence Bureau (CID)

T. 718.546.1452

Pedro Torres

Manhattan Detention Center/CTS (MDC/CTS)

T. 212.225.1341

James Stanton

Robert N. Davoren Center (RNDC)

T. 718.546.6920